9 Life Hacks For Natural Beauty With Only Vaseline


Vaseline is very affordable beauty stuff you must have, it can be used in many different ways.

  • Apply thick layer on chapped lips before sleep and the next day you will find your lips become plumper, died skin on lips removed overnight.
  • Other than this, Vaseline beauty remedies is act as moisturizer, that locks your skin from dry out. After your skin care routine, rub your palm and apply thin layer onto face to lock all nutrients on face.
  • To keep your brow in shape, use Vaseline as styling gel that keep the brow hair in place to get holistic beauty.
  • If you have cracked heel, apply thick layer of Vaseline on heel, you can wrap with plastic wrap after applying, do this daily before bed, your heel will be smoother, make this your beauty remedies now!
  • If you do not have a good highlighter as makeup stuff, use Vaseline to get glow skin, apply on cheekbone and any parts you want to get glow skin. It is long lasting makeup tips too!
  • Vaseline as makeup remover is also another life hacks tips! Melt the Vaseline¬† on your makeup by massage your face with Vaseline and rise with lukewarm water, it can remove your mascara and other waterproof makeup easily! You do not need any extra beauty stuff in your bag while travelling.
  • Vaseline also a good eye cream, often people will have bumps under eye area. Apply Vaseline as eye cream and those bumps will disappear after a week!
  • To make your perfume last longer on your body, mix perfume with Vaseline and apply, or apply Vaseline on top of perfume. This beauty guide is to prevent perfume evaporated.
  • If your hand is dry, use Vaseline as hand mask, apply Vaseline and wrap with plastic, wait for 20 minutes and wash off. Your hand will become softer and moisture.