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5 Best Acne Prone Skin Makeup to Avoid Breakouts

Acne prone skin is super hard to deal with. If you have experienced or you’re experiencing acne skin, you probably having dilemma on whether you should of put on makeup, because makeup might cause you more breakouts but without makeup the acne on the skin can be shed away your confidence.

First of all, be confident even though you have acne and scars on your skin, but these are pretty normal. It happens to most of US people, especially teenagers. Next, understand the reason of your breakouts, it could be due to internal or external. For internal, you can try to switch your diet, do more workout, detoxify your body. If it is hormone issue, please consult skin specialist or doctor if necessary. If you are external type acne prone skin, which is causing by polluted air, or sensitive to certain skin care ingredients, but still need to put on makeup, here are some products that are designed for acne skin, which to help cover up imperfections, helping your skin fighting against acne and not causing you further breakout!

IT COSMETICS Bye Bye Breakout Full Treatment Concealer

It Cosmetic Bye Bye Breakout concealer is specially designed for cover up the acne which is red and bump up on the skin. The formula is created by plastic surgeon and skin specialist, the purpose of the formula is to conceal acne and prevent breakouts with containing the ingredients like zinc oxide, kaolin clay, witch hazel, tea tree and sulphur in the product. Besides, this concealer not only for face but also can be used on your back if you have acne on your back or neck. There are 5 shades in this concealer. To have better coverage, the tips is getting the deeper shade, because the lighter shade concealer will be like a highlighter and you do not want to highlight your acne. So choose the darker shade.

CLINIQUE Acne solution liquid Makeup

Acne prone skin people already know Clinique brand very well, the anti-acne skin care range is very popular.  The foundation of Clinique also created for acne and sensitive skin. Clinique Acne Solution foundation giving you luminous skin with medium coverage. Moreover, this foundation comes with SPF 15, perfect for daily used. Also, the long wearing formula which is water and sweat proof, give you long lasting effect, even though oily skin user. There are 10 shades in total, including cool and warm tones, get the trial foundation from Clinique counter now.

Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-Free founDation

Microclear technology is one of the famous formula from Neutrogena. This formula helps to fight against acne and prevent breakouts. Ingredient like salicylic acid in this product helps you prevent the extra sebum secretion that will clog your pores. There are 14 shades, and the price is very friendly to teenagers. The effect of this foundation is medium coverage but buidable, for better coverage, use sponge instead of brush.

e.l.f Acne Fighting Foundation

If you wish to get high coverage on acne skin, you need to try out this e.l.f acne fight foundation. The packaging of this product is simple and easy to carry around. Besides, this foundation’s texture is very lightweight, you won’t have sticky feel on your skin while applying. Ingredients in this foundation like  tea tree, camphor, aloe, and salicylic acid is good for fighting acne and reduce redness. Price is also affordable.

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation Broad Spectrum

For people that prefer powder type foundation, Bare Minerals loose powder is one of the best for acne skin. it is 100% vegan, all ingredients in this powder is natural, your skin is breathable with this loose powder. After your daily skin care routines, you can just apply this loose powder on top, you also can skip your sunscreen as this powder provides 15 SPF UV protection. It gives you velvet matte finish on skin, helps to absorb oil but not causing breakouts. Bare Minerals powder comes with 30 shades, which is so enough for you to choose your shade.


Acne Tips

Acne Tips: Basic Acne Prevention Strategies From Leading Dermatologists

Acne is one of those subjects we are all too familiar with. Whether you are a teenager or a full-fledged adult, acne is most likely disrupting your comfortable life. Although acne is an unwanted nuisance, there are plenty of ways to keep it under control. You just have to have the proper knowledge. Well, the following article provides that knowledge with some great tips to get acne out of your life and let the beautiful skin in.

You may also be intolerant of certain foods so be aware of this; if you notice you start to break out after you eat chocolate then don’t eat chocolate for a while to see if this reduces your amount of acne. Each person is different, and you have to find what works for you.Remember that you are what you eat. In addition, try drinking more water and eating healthier foods as all of this will promote a healthy body.

Find a system to wash your face that works well for you. Not all are created equal, and some will irritate your skin more than they will soothe and clear it. Using the same system every day and keeping your skin clean and hydrated, will help your bodies natural defenses to attack and fight-off acne.

To help reduce your acne, eat fewer dairy products and less red meat. These foods are difficult for the body to digest, and as a result limit the body’s ability to dispose of waste products efficiently. Excess waste is then released through the skin, causing acne. A mild intolerance to dairy can also lead to acne.

If you ever pop a pimple, make sure that you put Neosporin on it as soon as possible. Neosporin helps aid the healing process and can accelerate a scab so that you do not scar as easily. Once the scab is formed, never pick at it, as this can impede the healing process.

Consider using a cleaner rather than bar soap to clean your face. The skin’s natural pH is 5.5, while bar soap typically has a pH of around 9. Bar soap can therefore alter the skin’s pH enabling the types of bacteria that cause acne to multiply. Bar soap also contains thickeners which can block pores. Finally, bar soaps strip the skin of all natural oils causing the sebaceous glands to overproduce oil leading to clogged pores.

If back acne is an issue for you, then you may want to change your body cleanser. Opt for cleansers that contain salicylic acid or those geared toward clearing up acne and use these when you shower, once a day. Also, be sure to shower soon after vigorous exercise or physical activities, to avoid having the dirt and bacteria clog up your pores.

Remember, acne is extremely prevalent in today’s society. Everybody ranging from childhood to adulthood is cursed with this annoying skin condition. You just need to know the right skin care tips to letting your beautiful skin overpower your acne issues. Furthermore, with this article, you now definitely know some of the greatest skin care tips to keep the acne away!