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YSL Beauty Vernis A Levres Water Stain Lip Gloss


YSL released a new series of lip gloss in 2019 Vernis A Levres Water Stain. It is a lip gloss that gives you glossy lip effect but with longer lasting. The Water Stain series contains of 16 color shades in total, you can see from the official website of YSL. Other than long lasting, YSL Water Stain also offers you the stunning shine glossy effect, lightweight, and non-sticky texture. In addition, it also gives you vibrant color even though it is lip stain, and with build-able coverage.The applicator also designed into a sharp tip wave shape that enable you to apply it more precisely.

The color code is stated in number 601 to 618. Here are the color list and the description:

601 Fuschsia Tide- Hot Pink color that party chicks favorite

602 Vague De Rouge- Red with cool tone

603 In Berry Deep- You can see from the name, it is berries color

605 Bain De Corail- It is bright orange color, just like carrot orange.

606 Rose Wood Flow- Rosy Brown color, or people call it Dried Rose shades

607 Inondation Orange- Another orange shades with more vibrant effect and towards red tone.

608 Flot De Fuchsia- Dark Pink with warm under tone

609 Submerged Coral- Coral shade that near to red.

610 Nude Underwater- Browny Nude, might seen like brown color, but it is nudy on lips

611 Vivid Violet Bath- Plum color that brighten up your complexion

612 Rough Deluge- Light red color, can be used daily

613 Cascade Bordeaux- Burgundy color or wine red

614 Rose Immerge- Rosy Pink shade, very suitable for pinky makeup

615 Ruby Wave- Darker red shade with warm under tone

617 Dive In The Nude- It is not a nude color, it is Wine purple color

618 Wet Vermilon- Chili red color but toward orange shade


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MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick

MAC recently launched a new series called Powder Kiss. It is a new formula from MAC, the effect is powdery matte texture, from the lipstick outlook you can see it is rubbery like cream, but surprisingly this formula do not dry out the lips, create velvet and blurred lips effortlessly.

With pros, it also comes with cons, this articles will tell honestly on the pros and cons review, also the color swatches!

MAC Powder Kiss

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Shades of MAC Powder Kiss

There are total 16 shades in Powder Kiss series, including nude shades, coral shades, pinky shades and red shades.

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Best Of Me– This shade is chalky beige, which is near to pale, cool under toned, not recommended for light makeup used. You will looked like get sick as it turns your face pale. It is for special makeup like Halloween  makeup or heavy metal eye makeup look.

Influentially It– This shade is also another nude color in lighter shade but in warm tone. It create natural nude lip, cover up the original lip color. Darker skin people might want to avoid this color, but fairer skin color with warm under toned are recommended to get this shade.

Impulsive- Brownish orange shade, this color is fall season makeup look must have. It is like maple color which you can create Fall makeup with warm toned eye shadow. Can be used daily or any occasions.

Sweet No Sugar- The name of this shade sounds like ordering a drink? LOL! This is a lighter pink shade, suitable to create most type of makeup, especially Bridal makeup or daily makeup. You can also add darker pink shade in inner lips to create Korean petal lips makeup.

My Tweedy- My Tweedy is coral shades, very cute shade that suitable for all ladies.

Scattered Petals- This shades similar to Sweet No Sugar but more pinkish. And yes, it is nicely apply on any occasions.

Sultriness– Pink color shades, I believe most of you already have this shade in your lipstick collection.  But this Powder Kiss texture is another series you need to have one, you definitely find the different on the outcome even the shade is same.

Mull It Over– Buy this shade whenever you see it! It has been out of stock since launched in last year. The coral red color really make your complexion better, Even without blusher, your face can looks so fresh and delightful.


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Devoted to Chili– MAC most classic color is Chili, which is well known by all MAC supporters. However, this Devoted to Chili is the next level of Chili, the powdery formula really makes this shade looks better on lips, compared to matte series Chili, Powder Kiss has better effect on lips because it blurred out your lips lines.

Mandarin O– Orange Coral shade, just like the fruit mandarin, it gives you citric kind of orange and feel energize on the makeup look. Most Asian will avoid this color, as it will make the face look yellowish.

A Little Tamed– Hot Pink shade, very very cute pink, just like a valentine, hot and sweet in a combination. The shade that most young girls and ladies in love would like.

Lasting Passion– Lighter Red with cool under toned. If you are cool tone lip color lover, then you do not want to miss this shade. The blue base tone under the red shade is hard to find on other brand’s lipstick.

Style Shocked– Another Orange-ish red, but this one is showing more vibrant and the color is more showing. You can see the skin are brighter with this color.

Fall in Love– Purple-Pink kind of shade, this color toward red compared to ‘a little tamed’ shade, so this is more matured color but still a cute pink.

Shocking Revelation– This is RED! But look carefully, it is not red as Chilli, it is pink base red instead of orange base red. This is somehow good looking red for night hangout or parties! You will become so outstanding by just apply this shade with any makeup.

Burning Love– Some people might like this color but most are not. This deeper shade of plum is for rocky style kind of makeup. It give a very cool look, darker skin people will like it more, as it really brighten up the skin and also your teeth!


Pros & Cons of Powder Kiss

Powder Kiss stay on your lips very light, you cannot actually feel it’s existence, unlike other lipstick that give you very creamy feel on lips. The shade are vibrant, even some shades are lighter than your lips color, it still able to cover up and showing the shade. Although it is soft matte type but not dry at all!

Cons of this lipstick is the color shades more on nude color, which less selection on Red or Pink.