Face Massage for Face Lifting and Prevent Aging

Your face muscle is loosen from time to time which causing the face to start having wrinkles. Wrinkles on the face and neck are the obvious Aging symptom that ladies want to prevent.

Wrinkles will often appearing in smile wrinkles, eye wrinkles and forehead wrinkles. These area need to be take care before it got worsen and speed up the aging process. Japanese traditional way on face lifting is face massage, they will massage their face on their daily skin care routine. Japanese Face massage is famous to help face lifting and anti-aging, the theory behind of face massage is to relaxing the face muscle, detox lymph, improve face area blood circulation and prevent the wrinkle formed. Chinese also have traditional face massage called “Gua Sha”. They proved that face massage can help anti aging, face lifting and better complexion over time, one might not see the result immediately, but through adding face massage into daily skin care routine, the result can be obvious.

During the face massage, one important thing to take note is to avoid the frictions between your skin and fingers or massage tools. You need to apply face massage oil before face massage, recommended to use coconut oil, grape seed oil, or any face massage oil you preferred.
Identify the massage points on your face and follow the arrow direction to massage. There are 4 arrows marked with numbers. When having face massage, do not press too hard on the skin, this will create extra pressure on your face.

(photo source from internet)
Arrow No.1 Face Massage for Forehead Face Lifting

Apply oil on the forehead, sides of nose and mouth. Use two finger tips slowly press on the middle of forehead (see the arrow) and move upwards until hairline area and move to sides.
Repeat the steps for 10 times.

Arrow No.2 Face Massage for Eye Anti-Aging
Apply face oil on your finger tips, rub to heat up a little bit, this is very good for absorption. Put your finger on inner eyelid corner, press and move to to outer eyelid.
For eye bag, move upright massage to uplift the eye and prevent under eye wrinkles.
Arrow No.3 Face Massage for Smile Wrinkles
Use your finger and do like “C” character, move upwards from lip corner to chin.


(photo source from internet)

Arrow No.4 Face Massage for Neck 
Massage downward to neck and shoulder, you can release the tension on the neck and muscle on shoulder area, to detox the face.

Face Massage Tool
You can either use your two fingers to massage on the area or massage tools. There are several massage tool on the market, like the massage tool made with jade, which has cooling effect, helps to soothe your skin while massage. Also there are vibrating massage tool which can helps on better blood circulation.