12 Beautiful Haircuts And Colors Transformation

Haircuts and hair colors are important key to your overall look. They can either adding bonus to the look or ruining it. Find out what haircuts and color suitable to you rather than find out what are the most popular hairstyle of the year. Everyone’s face is different and having different type of hair, so either you can get advice from your hairstylist or keep reading to know more tips on how to choose the right haircuts and hair colors for yourself.

Shape Of Your Face

Understand your face’s shape is very important, there are total 6 main categories: oval, square, round, heart, diamond and long.

How to identify your face shape? Below is the steps:

1. Divide your face into 8 proportions with 4 lines.





2. Then, from the proportion, match the area which occupied larger areas and which occupied smaller parts.

3. Then based on this picture to find out your face’s shape.

(source from internet)

After identify your face shape, now find out which hairstyle is for you.

Oval Shape– Suitable for most of the hairstyle, long or short, curly or straight. But if you have things on your face you want to cover or hide with your hair or just visually correct it, you can make some fringe.

Square Shape– Ladies who having square shaped face often find their jaw bones are very visible on the side of their face. To correct that, avoiding haircuts that have chin length as that would accentuate the jaw bone even more. So go for longer length than your chin, the longer the hair, the narrow your face shown, as it has lengthen visualize effect on your face. If the square face issue is caused by upper part, like wide forehead, you can do bangs to correct it. Sided part your bangs, not split on the middle.

Round Face– Round face women should avoid bob haircuts. It would make your face looks even rounder. Also don’t make your hair going inner. In opposite, curl your hair towards outside with layering, so the upper part having thicker hair which make your chin looks smaller. If you wish to have bangs, split in the middle, to break the round circle shape.

Heart Shape– Women who carry this face shape showing the femininity, look more matured and strong personality. To correct this face shape, go with the haircuts that shorter than your chin, go short as you want. Because the chin is the best part to show, and style the layers going inwards, to hide the cheek bones.

Diamond Shape– Cut off a little of the forehead, adding more volume to the top of your head. Asymmetrically split bangs, to visualize the chin connects to the side part line, which looks longer.

Long Face– If you are long face shape, shorten the vertical line in order visually shorten the face. Just get a thick fringe without split. Also avoid to grow your hair very long and sleek without layers, your face will looks longer with that.

Hair Colors based on Skin Tone

When choosing which color to put on your hair, make sure you take  your skin tone into the considerations. Because the right hair color makes your face glow, and the wrong one will make your face looks worst.

There are Warm, Cool and Neutral tones. To identify which tone you are, you can observe from your blood vessels color. If your vessels have

  • Purple- Cool undertone
  • Green- Warm
  • Mix- Neutral

Cool undertone people can have hair colors like ash, grey, purple which are cool tone colors,

Warm undertone people can opt for red, orange, pink colors.

Neutral can go for any color 🙂